How to Avoid Matted Hair Extensions

If you wear fusion or any of the beaded hair extensions techniques, you need to ensure that your hair does not mat at the roots. Hair are a few tips:⁣

* Make sure you do not wear your hair extensions ⁣

* longer than the recommended time.⁣

* Run your hands through your bonds at the roots to separate them⁣

* Book a monthly maintenance appointment at our studio.⁣

Why Do My Hair Extensions Feel So Dry In the Winter?

Yes, you guessed it, your hair extensions may have the winter blues 😀 Your hair extensions may feel extra dry and even a little brassy due to the dry air as well as the constant rubbing on your winter gear which may cause static. This is the number one winter complaint we hear about hair extensions but don’t give up on them yet. Here are a few things you can do to keep them looking lush all winter long:


  • Wear them pulled back occasional while you are out and about so that they are not constantly rubbing against your coat.
  • Condition them with each wash during the winter.
  • Make sure you are not washing your hair too frequently.
  • Apply a leave in treatment to the ends only.
  • Drop them off at our studio for an overnight TLC treatment to inject some life back into them.